Chew Chinese Clan Jetty, Penang

HAPPY TRAVELS! In the morning we grabbed a bite to eat and walked through the Chinese Clan, Chew Jetty in Georgetown, Penang.  Located in the Penang Heritage Trail Zone, tourists can walk along the wooden boardwalk by houses standing on stilts.  Along the way there is an abundance of souvenir stands and local snacks available.… Continue Reading

The Cheapest Way Up PENANG HILL

It cost RM30 to take the tram up to the top of Penang Hill. Alternatively you can hike it (takes about 45 min), something we didn’t fancy doing as we climatized to the heat and humidity of Malaysia. We learned that Malaysia doesn’t have seasons, it’s just summer or summer, with a little extra rain… Continue Reading

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Just outside SMAK (had a healthy ‘make up day’ from all the junk we’ve eaten!) we caught the #14 UBC Bus to PACIFIC SPIRIT REGIONAL PARK It was a pretty cool trail.  Lots of easy flat paths if you’re not interested in venturing off the beaten track.  Or there are more difficult tracks.  There will… Continue Reading

Maui Lava Fields: La Perouse Bay

After our journey under the sea, we stopped by the unique lava fields in Maui.  These fields were formed by two massive volcanic eruptions over 1 million years ago. To get here You will need to drive past Makena and Big Beach.  Just keep going, going, going, going, seriously, keep going until you see the… Continue Reading