Every day is predicted to rain and has done so thus far, however it hasn’t deterred us or prevented us from having a wonderful time!

Our motto is if it rains, do it anyway!  Unless it could potentially kill you e.g. hurricane, hail, lightning…

Kek Lok Si Temple was incredible.  One of the best temples I have ever seen, albeit I have not seen so many.  But it was our first trip up to the top of a pagoda; usually, in Japan, we were only able to see the pagodas from the outside, so it was a real treat to actually go inside one.  The stairs were so tiny and narrow, and when we thought we had reached the peak we found more steps leading upwards.

It was seven levels to the top of the pagoda.  From there we had a stunning view of the temple grounds and spectacular view of Penang.  

Make a note, it is RM 2 each to enter the pagoda.  Worth it!

There is an inclined lift (and one buggy ride) that goes up 4 stations.  At each level you hop off I would recommend seeing what is there first, and then go onto the next section up up up all the way to the huge bronze statue of the Goddess of Mercy.  It was under renovation when we visited so we were unable to get right up close but it was still impressive from where we stood.  

The price for the ride up is RM 16, a lot of posts say RM 2 and yes that’s correct, but if you go up the four stations, and then down 4 stations, it’s RM 16.  Not exactly going to break the bank.  But if you enjoy a work out, you can walk up to the temple.

We were going to stop and try the Sister’s Curry Mee but they closed early, and we are notoriously never early.  So instead, we stopped at the famous Laksa in Air Itam.  So good.  So sweet!  The sweetest and most interesting Laksa I have ever tried.  It was delicious.

We were blessed with clear skies right throughout our journey to Kek Lok Si Temple and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  


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