The Cheapest Way Up PENANG HILL

It cost RM30 to take the tram up to the top of Penang Hill. Alternatively you can hike it (takes about 45 min), something we didn’t fancy doing as we climatized to the heat and humidity of Malaysia.

We learned that Malaysia doesn’t have seasons, it’s just summer or summer, with a little extra rain at the end of the year.

The view was not something you won’t get somewhere else. For example, if you are holidaying in Penang you are going to visit Kek Lok Si Temple and the view is beautiful there as well.

Once the clouds cleared we got a view of the city of Penang.

The line back down was going to be a while so we ventured further, and stopped at the garden cafe with their bird aviary. It was RM 15 each. It was a small walk through their garden where they had about 2 birds and a peacock. There were also giant rubber dinosaurs with signs to not feed them, I didn’t really understand that but the experience gave us a chuckle. With our ticket we also received access to another lookout point where we could see much clearer.

We were fortunate enough that by the time we returned to the tram to go back down almost nobody was left in the queue.

My official review of Penang Hill is this, it’s nice but lower your expectations.

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