Penang International Airport to G Hotel Kelawai

I found this hotel to be quite remarkable. The deluxe room and bathroom was spacious and clean. There was a complimentary mini fridge with drinks and chocolates. An assortment of coffee, tea and milo also. The room was generously supplied with nice shampoos, conditioners and soaps. Robes and slippers provided.

They really didn’t skimp out and their service seemed genuine. Unlike our stays in the Americas who purposely understocked our room, cheap tricks for a tip!

There was a 24/7 fitness gym. Now this may be where they could improve somewhat. Both treadmills were losing their tread, making it rather slippery and potentially dangerous. What’s a treadmill without tread? There were no sanitary wipes for the equipment, so the equipment was sometimes gross, especially after other people just left.

We didn’t eat at the restaurant or swim in the pool, but it looked good!

Concierge / Reception staff were very helpful and attentive. It most certainly felt like 7 stars.

My overall statement of the G Hotel Kelawai would be that we loved it and would stay there again.


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