Rainbird Spotting; Ketchikan AK


Throughout the hike we asked ourselves this question.

“The Ketchikan Rainbird Trail is named after the mythical ‘Rainbird’ said to inhabit the local rainforest. A Ketchikan icon, you will find the Rainbird all over town on logos, tour companies’ names, & apparel.” — that is all the info I could find on it and I am still none the wiser as to what it actually is!

You will want to start the trail at the Alaskan University, because when you reach the end you will be rewarded with the view.  The entrance is right beside the library through the carpark and will end towards Downtown where you can walk back to the cruise.  However we were fortunate enough to meet a random stranger ‘Zee’ (Is that your real name Zee?) who not only offered us a lift but gave us a whole tour of the town!

Thanks to him we also got to see Creek Street.  The Totem Poles.  And what they call their ‘beach’ (But I think that one was a joke).

After cruise season the town dies.  The few thousand locals that remain mainly stay inside for the winter, see the occasional show and head over to the local pub.  Rinse and repeat.

It’s a beautiful and artsy town.  There are sightings of black bears, although we did not see any on this occasion (but go see our Juneau trip for the black bears we saw in the wild!).

We then got chauffeured back to the entrance of the cruise where we had a well deserved snack and beverage.  Thanks Zee!

The Rainbird Trail in Ketchikan was stunning.  If you are looking for a wonderful rainforest track this is beautiful.  HOWEVER it is unmaintained, gravelly, at times steep, muddy, unmarked – so bear that in mind if that’s not your thing.  Otherwise, put on those hiking shoes and check this one out!  You won’t regret it.

Take a look at the video below for the full experience:

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