Mendenhall Glacier; Juneau Alaska

Visiting Mendenhall Glacier was probably the best day I had out of the whole trip.  

A round trip bus ticket is about $40, but the park itself won’t cost you anything.

If you are lucky, you will see wild black bears.  But don’t worry.  The bear areas has a raised boardwalk and bear-proof gates, so you can view them out of their reach but still incredibly close.

We were lucky enough to see a group of 4 bears catching salmon in the stream.  

More than that, the trail to Nugget Falls was beautiful and the waterfall itself is amazing. I have never been so close to such a large waterfall, it is really magnificent.  

The glacier itself is even one of the most stunning this I have ever seen.  I even learned that it is a part of the little ice age which occurred 3000 years ago!



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