With a population of about 745 and only reachable by plane or boat, Hoonah isn’t exactly the place where it’s “all happening”.  But what it does have is serene and beautiful.  The air is fresh, the colours are bright and there’s just so little stuff

Hopping of the boat there was a 5-10 minute walkway off the port where you hit the ‘adventure centre’ here there are a few souvenirs on sale and tours on offer.  A tour might be the way to go because other than that there isn’t really much to do on your own and the stop over is only short.

We didn’t get a tour, instead we went out on our own.  There is a free museum on the history of Alaska and the salmon cannery exhibits.  I definitely learned a few things during my time here, something I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to do if it weren’t just about the only thing to do.

We walked in a small loop on the Nature Trail, it took about 10 minutes.  We then walked through the town of Hoonah.  Walking to Hoonah takes about 40 minutes, but there is a $5 shuttle bus.  If you fancy a walk, I recommend the walk – it is very beautiful.  A few churches, a souvenir shop and a pub were the “main attractions”.

It’s not something you’d normally go out of your way to do, but that just made it all the more special and I’d totally recommend you put an Alaska Cruise on your to do list.

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