The Canadian Trail – Boarding Celebrity Cruise (Infinity) + More

If you have never boarded a cruise before, EVER, or just not in Vancouver – this is the blog you have been searching for.


So many questions!  Getting to Canada Place, What is Canada Place?  Where is the Cruise port?  Where do you even get on the cruise? How long does it take. If you are anything like me, then you want to know all these things before getting confused and watch it sail away without you. 

In short.  It takes a long time and where to start your embarkment journey isn’t displayed very clearly.  But here I show you!  You’re welcome 😉

Moving on….

The Canadian Trail.  

It’s right next to the pier, and you will see your ship docked here.  It’s a very short scenic boardwalk with a few cafes and the monumental white sails can be viewed.  I definitely wouldn’t plan a day just for this, it takes about 15 minutes.  So do it before or after you board the cruise 🙂

How claustrophobic is my room going to be?

Cabin fever?  No problem.  Take a look inside our cosy 5-person stateroom, this is the most economic room to get, but skip right to the end to take a peak as to what you will be in for and judge whether this is the right room for you.

This cruise wasn’t too rocky at all, actually, it may very well be the LEAST rockiest.  It took 1 day to get my sea legs, then my green complexion faded and I was feeling well again.


Yep! Worth it!  So so so worth it.  DO IT!  

The food and entertainment isn’t too bad, although I think it’s better on Princess Cruises.  

Yet the room and ship felt more modern and spacious than other lines we have been on.


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