It has Begun! – Vancouver Review


“I’d like to use this blank space to
give a bit more of a detailed
review of the few key spots we experienced
on our first day.”


After procrastinating for over a week I have finally completed the first video.  You can find it here and if you happen to watch it, not only will I love you, but please consider giving me some constructive criticism! 

Now… it’s not the most informative video to come, because, everything went a bit disastrous!  You may have already read all about it in this earlier post. (Brief Summary: Homeless, Skunks, Weed)

But the video really does show how much fun you can have, with the right people, given any situation.

I’d like to use this blank space to give a bit more of a detailed review of the few key spots we experienced on our first day.

1.  Le Soleil Hotel – Vancouver – This hotel was probably my favourite of the three we stayed in (Delta Suites Downtown, Le Soleil and The Hilton in Whistler).  

  • The location was very convenient and felt the safest of them all.  
  • Service and Rooms were clean and tidy.
  • They left little chocolates on the pillows every day, instant star for that one.  The other hotels didn’t do that.  
  • The night time receptionist was a dear, I think his name was Sabio…. he tried very hard to find us a room somewhere, anywhere.  Several hours later he called the diner we were seeking shelter in to make sure we had got their safely.  
  • The only criticism I do have is that the gym is … manky.  Small, cluttered, clunky machinery (4 pieces), dusty…. time for an upgrade guys!

2.  Blenz Coffee – Great for an emergency but stick to their beverages.  Maybe it was due to the late hour but whatever it was we ate… I don’t think I want to know.

3.  The City Streets – Smells of weed, and by weed I mean that kind of weed.  They legalised marujuana and it shows!  I have never seen as many homeless and clearly unwell people on the streets than I have during my time in Vancouver.  

4.  The White Spot – This was our go to place.  We enjoyed the food, and we went back about 3 more times.  This was one of the most reasonably priced places vs. portion size.

5.  Guu Garden – This was fancy japanese / spanish fusion tapas and bar.  The food was lovely.  However… tapas are well tapas, they’re small dishes and the bill is going to rocket up pretty quickly at this place.  But if you want to try something different, something fine yet casual, albeit expensive, you shouldn’t be disappointed at Guu Garden.

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