I have been back for about one week now and I have so much to post on here it isn’t funny. I have a digital mountain of footage. The amount of things we saw was just unbelievable.

Never in my life would I have thought I’d get so lucky, in fact, visiting Alaska would never have entered my realm of thought without having met some truly amazing people.


After this week I have done very little creatively, but once I get stuck into it, which will be any time between now and the weekend, I am sure I will be totally absorbed and detached from the outside world as I get my creative groove on (that’s a cool thing to say right?).

On a completely irrelevant note, our dog Teddy has come back possibly possessed. These photos won’t show it, but he has transformed from being the most attention deficit hyperactivity disordered dog to now being mostly calm and cuddly.

Please join us on Facebook or Instagram to see all the things that I don’t get to post on here.  Until the serious posts start rolling out, enjoy this short video showing us confuse the heck out of poor Teddy.


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