Day 2: Granville Island; Vancouver

We were going to go to Stanley Park today, but considering all the rain and clouds we juggled things around and decided to go to Granville Island instead.

At Burrard Station you can buy bus tickets in bulk.  Otherwise you need to either a) use correct coins only or b) buy a compass card to tap on and off with.  For the bus you can travel to any of the zones with a ‘1 Zone’ ticket.  $2.80 each way.  That’s better than paying about $11 for a Day Pass if you are only seeing one big thing a day.


We then caught the #50 Bus to Granville Island from Howe Street.  


To be honest we didn’t spend a great deal of time here.  There are many different shops selling souveniers, arts and crafts, fresh food markets, pubs, restaurants, cafes etc.  It was  a lot of fun and a very simple activity to fill the rest of the day.



Kenzie has stuck to her tradition of buying a tacky t-shirt every holiday.

Here is a map of Granville Island.  There is a 1.5km walking path that goes all the way around the island if you fancy it.




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