Visit Nara: Deer Park & Todaiji Temple

Todaiji Temple is a short walk through the center of an army of deer.

You can buy some crackers specifically sold for the deer at the park, they will last you approximately 0.3 seconds.  Alternatively, you can bring your own deer snacks, like we did, and get a Japanese telling off by the groundskeeper, like we did.  Sorry.

This temple is special, it includes the largest wooden structure in the world, and is home to the world’s largest gilt bronze Great Buddha statue (Daibutsu). His hand alone is taller than me.

How to get here:
The temple is in the northern part of Nara Park. 30 minute walk from Kentetsu Nara Station or 45 minutes from JR Nara Station.

We caught the bus from the station and got off at Todaiji Daibutsuden and then it was only a 5 minute walk to the main building.

Yes. Do it!

See more in the video below:

Featured image attribution


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