Maui Lava Fields: La Perouse Bay

After our journey under the sea, we stopped by the unique lava fields in Maui.  These fields were formed by two massive volcanic eruptions over 1 million years ago.

To get here
You will need to drive past Makena and Big Beach.  Just keep going, going, going, going, seriously, keep going until you see the lava fields.  The path will be very clear.

The road will get ridiculously narrow and bumpy, but it will be okay.

Once you’re all parked in the car park and out of the car, your breath will be taken away by the stunning view.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 11.58.13 pm

It was incredibly peaceful walking through these ancient fields. It almost felt prehistoric.

What you need
Water and make sure you wear comfortable shoes!  I made the mistake of wearing flip flops.

Tiny little lava rocks + flip flops = not good!

Things to know
The urge to take a lava rock will be strong.  There are signs everywhere reminding you to not do it, that it’s illegal AND if that isn’t a deterrent enough,  they say you will be cursed with bad luck by the Hawaiian Gods,  FOREVER!!!!! So naturally, I took on– errr none.  I took none.

Find out more in the video below:


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