Japanese Summer Festival – Aomori Nebuta Matsuri

What to do
If you are going to Aomori you must stop and eat the Sushi.  The restaurant we stumbled into by chance was the best sushi we have ever had (and we have had a lot of sushi).

The second thing you must do, is stop by the A-Factory and buy some of their famous… well, apples.  Across from the A-Factory is the Nebuta Museum where they showcase their festival floats.  Some of these floats cost over $180,000!

You may struggle to make it across because there is a market right in the middle selling delicious festival food.

Day Parade
Before the big festival there is a street parade.  Anyone can join the parade as long as you wear a Haneto which can be rented in the town for about 4000 JPY.

Night show
The crowds are humongous. Unless you have paid for reserved seating (about $150) you may not get a very good view of the floats. But on the final day of the festival you can still get close to the shore and will see incredible fireworks. They go for about 3 hours and they just don’t stop.

Held annually between August 2nd – August 7th.

WORTH IT? Absolutely!

Watch it all right here:


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