Arriving in Honolulu for Pride of America Cruise

Hey monkeys,

This here is the Napali Coastline, one of the spectacular views you will see on the Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America.


Our cruise in Japan last August was with Princess Cruises.  They are both pretty astounding.  Maybe it was the Hawaiian spirit, but this cruise ship might have been a little bit more fun with their entertainment, dining options and activities.

Because it’s in America, you have to tip.  We opted to cancel ‘automatic tipping’ (get yourself to the reception counter if you want to do this) and chose to personally tip.

Our waiter was great, he searched the cruise ship high and low to bring us margarine for those of us who are lactose intolerant, and papaya for our dessert.  Tip.

(FYI if you ask for margarine and get a blank stare as we did, try saying canola spread, or vegetable oil spread.)

Our steward was lovely, she got us robes that we weren’t entitled too, and when one of them (accidentally) fell in the toilet she replaced it.  Big tip!

Find out more by watching the video below:

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