Turtles at Hookipa Beach

If you are doing the Road to Hana, this will be a (one of many) must-see stop.

Where are they?
You will spot the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles (Honu) at the far end of the beach near the lookout cliff. They look like a bunch of rocks at first but nope, they’re turtles. Lots of them.

When to go?
The best time to catch the turtles is at sunset.  You will get to see a whole bunch of these beautiful Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles come to shore and laze about.

(Note:  I just learned that a ‘group of turtles’ is called a ‘bale’.  Huh.)

Parking is free and the park is open daily from 5.30am to 7pm.

Oh yeah. This was a fun day out.

Take a look at Trip Monkey in the video below:

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