Guide to: Waihee Ridge Trail

This was one of the most beautiful hikes. There is just something magical about it.

When to go
It is recommended to go early to avoid clouds obstructing the views. However, we found something fantastical and beautiful about walking through the mist, and if you wait a couple of minutes the clouds will pass.

What you need
Bring some water, snacks and good hiking shoes!  It can get a little rainy and slippery on the way down, so also finding yourself a good stick would be handy.

The trail itself is pretty easy, but it is a little long (3.8 miles round trip) and difficult when slippery. There are a few rest benches on the way, and at the very end is the much appreciated picnic table to rest and take it all in.

How to get there
The road to the parking lot is pretty easy to miss, but it’s across the road from the Mendes Ranch. At the start of the road you will see a parking lot – this isn’t the parking lot you are looking for – keep going up until you see another large parking lot – this IS the parking lot you are looking for.

Opening times
The parking lot, gate and hike are open daily from 7am to 7pm.

Oh yeah. You will be glad you did the Waihee Ridge Trail.

Take a look in the video below:

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