Koko Head Railway Trail (Stairs of Doom)

When you reach the top of the Koko Crater Railway Trail you are so immersed in the beauty of the view, you completely forget that you had to be resuscitated several times on the way up.

We caught the bus
You can catch the #22 from Waikiki and step off at Hanauma Bay entrance, directly across from the Koko Head Park. Go through the gated area, down the dirt road and it will lead you to a parking lot and the ONLY restroom area.

(Right next door is a shooting range so don’t be alarmed by the sounds of gunshots.)

Difficulty Level
This hike is intermediate in level but don’t worry, people all ages, shapes and sizes climb this hike. Take as many rests as you need and you can do it!

1048 steps might not sound like much…

It took us a little over an hour to reach the top (we stopped several times on the way to rest and take in the view), though some people can reach the top within 30 minutes.

It’s Free!  (Which is always great).

We did see some keen hikers piggy backing their children on the way up, it’s not something we would recommend. We would suggest you bring them somewhere more family friendly like Diamond Head.

When to go
Don’t do it in the middle of the day.  Use sunscreen, bring water, wear appropriate shoes that don’t slip and wear a hat – there is no shade and you may burst into flames under that hot Hawaiian sun.

Scary bridge with bottomless drop. 
If you don’t feel comfortable crossing it, have a look just before you reach the bridge and you will see that there is a way around it on your right.  This was the end point for a lot of people who feared heights, so take the diversion and keep going, you’re almost there!


The top
When you do reach the top, keep going a little further up and you will get a full 360 view.  It was super windy up there, so hold onto your hat and don’t go flying off the edge!

Going down.
Be careful. Some people hold onto the tracks with their hands on the descent. It’s very steep.

Be careful. Some people hold onto the tracks with their hands on the descent. It’s very steep.

Trip Monkey assures you, it IS worth it.  Not only for the sensational views, but for the immense sense of achievement you will feel and carry with you for the rest of your life.

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