Cruise Port – What to do in Kona

We hopped off Norwegian Cruise Line’s Pride of America and jumped on a tender boat that took us to shore.

This was a short day stop in Kona and wow it was beautiful! We visited the historic town center which is filled with stores, markets and places to eat.

The atmosphere feels very welcoming and you will be saying ‘aloha’ like a local in no time.

So, now what?
We caught an Uber to the Oceanrider Seahorse Farm.  This is the only seahorse farm IN THE WORLD dedicated to preserving endangered seahorses.  That’s cool.

Prices and times
Tours dates and times are limited and given at the Keyhole Point facility in Kona.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 7.45.15 pm.png

13+ yrs – $45
4-12 yrs – $35
>3 – FREE (not allowed to hold a seahorse)

A little on the side of pricey, but it’s for a great cause and it’s not every day you get to hold a seahorse.

It was a very long line back to the cruise ship, but there is plenty to see and be entertained by whilst you wait.

For instance, we witnessed a young lady strip and jump into the water while screaming that she was a mermaid…

Yeah! It was all part of the fun and something we won’t ever forget.

Watch Trip Monkey’s video of Kona + Seahorse Farm:

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